Search and Replace - Multiple Files


To open the search panel for files, press Ctrl + Shift + F. You can use the keyboard to control some search panel options and search actions:

Toggle Regular Expressions Alt + R
Toggle Case Sensitivity Alt + C
Toggle Exact matches Alt + W
Find Next Enter

Search Scope

The Where field in the search panel determines search scope. You can define scopes in several ways:

  • Adding individual directories (Unix-style paths, even on Windows)
  • Adding/excluding files based on a pattern
  • Adding symbolic locations (<open folders>, <open files>)

It is also possible to combine these filters using commas; for example:

/C/Users/Joe/Top Secret,-\*.html,<open files>

Press the ... button in the search panel to display a menu containing these options.

Results Format

In the search panel, you can customize the display of results with the following options:

  • Show in Separate Buffer/Output Panel
  • Show Context